Towards a Definition of the Creative Process

Kelly, Rita (2007) Towards a Definition of the Creative Process. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

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The subject of this thesis is to consider how Creativity and the Creative Process might be defined. The aims are to discover if a satisfactory definition of the creative process already exists, or if it could be hoped for, especially within the realm of creative writing. The research examined the specific writings of a number of practitioners within the remit of this work and keeping in mind its emphasis on creative writing; while attempting to elucidate their particular views and the articulation of these views. The findings are interesting, even remarkable at times, basically definitions are varied and multiple. But particularly there is a strong bond between the sciences and the arts when writers come to express a view on creativity. The close examination, of this particular transverse section, (it is important to keep that awareness: this research is one particular cut or take and nothing more) shows that expressions of creativity are mainly descriptive rather than explanatory; at times there is a reluctance to posit an understanding of all that is involved in the process. Perhaps this cross-section is the most original aspect of the research – it provides evidence of insight and expression; it tracks the concept from classical times to the present and it juxtaposes different voices, thereby giving a synoptic view of how the concept is perceived. Inherent in the study and the findings are the limitations to our understanding of the very complex and subtle workings, plus the imaginative capabilities of the human mind. Yet, it is hoped, perhaps not in our time, that the very force under discussion, creativity, will push extraordinary minds to probe further, measure and extrapolate from new data what it means to be creative.

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