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Barry, Paul (2008) A Note on Krawtchouk Polynomials and Riordan Arrays. Journal of Integer Sequences, 11. ISSN 1530-7638

Bauer, Jurgen (2008) How is hearing heard in second year architectural design education. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 123. ISSN 0001-4966

Birney, Rosanne (2008) Blogs: Supporting Staff Development (Presentation). In: NAIRTL Symposium "Bologna and Staff Development", 5 December, Trinity College Dublin.

Birney, Rosanne (2008) Reflective Practice and Blogs: Developing a new model for assessment. In: ALT-C 2008, 9-11 Sep 2008, Leeds, UK.

Boland, Tom (2008) Critique as Imitative Rivalry: George Orwell as Political Anthropology. International Political Anthropology. ISSN 2283-9887

Bourke, Damian (2008) Investment risk in Credit unions and its impact on the audit process. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of technology.


Cantwell, Laura (2008) An Exploration of the Psychosocial Needs of Older People in Extended Care Settings: A Qualitative Study. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Carew, Peter J. and Stapleton, Larry and Byrne, Gabriel J. (2008) Implications of an Ethic of Privacy for Human-Centred Systems Engineering. AI & Society, 22 (3). pp. 385-403. ISSN 0951-5666

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Cregg, P J and Garcia-Palacios, Jose L and Svedlindh, Peter (2008) Partition Functions of Classical Heisenberg Spin Chains with Arbitrary and Different Exchange. IOP PUBLISHING JOURNAL OF PHYSICS A: MATHEMATICAL AND THEORETICAL, 41. 435202 -(8pp).

Cregg, P J and Svedlindh, Peter and Garcia-Palacios, J L and Murphy, Kieran (2008) Low-field susceptibility of classical Heisenberg chains with arbitrary and different nearest-neighbour exchange. Journal of Physics: Condensed matter. ISSN 09538984 (In Press)

Culleton, Jonathan (2008) The allure of certainty: Identities, religious others and the ambiguity of modernity. In: Culture, Technology and Values: Ethical Dimensions of European Identity. Centre for Culture, Technology and Values, pp. 35-44. ISBN 978-1-899820-48-1

Cunningham, Jennifer and Wells, John (2008) Employers' Views on Disability Policy and the Employment of People with Mental Health Problems in the South East of Ireland. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.


Davy, Alan (2008) Measurement based quality of service control for communications networks. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Davy, Stephen (2008) Harnessing Information Models and Ontologies for Policy Conflict Analysis. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Denwood, Czarina and Lynch, Patrick and Harrington, Denis (2008) A STUDY OF STRATEGIC INNOVATION PRACTICES WITHIN THE IRISH TOURISM INDUSTRY. In: Irish Academy of Management Conference, Hosted in DCU, Dublin, September 2008, Dublin.

Donnelly, Martina (2008) BUILDING LOYALTY: CREATING VALUE THROUGH CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES - RIKON Group. In: Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland, 2008, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Durand, Margaret (2008) An Exploration of the Impact of Socialisation on the Decision of a Female to become an Entrepreneur. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

de Fréin, Ruairí and Drakakis, Konstantinos and Rickard, Scott (2008) Portfolio diversification using subspace factorizations. 42nd Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, 2008. CISS 2008., 42. pp. 1075-1080.

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de Fréin, Ruairí and Rickard, Scott T. and Pearlmutter, Barak A. (2008) Sparse Multichannel Source Localization and Separation. In: 8th International Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing, 10 Dec. 2015, IMA (The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 2008), Cirencester, UK.


Falconer, Deirdre and Howlett, Michael (2008) A Study of the Benefits of Reflective Practice to the Teaching of the B.A. in Applied Social Studies in Social Care in WIT. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Finnegan, Rachel (2008) Bishop Pococke's Improvements to St. Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny. The Journal of The Irish Georgian Society, 11. pp. 12-54.

Fitzgerald, Garrett (2008) The Living and the Dead. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Foley, Christopher and Balasubramaniam, Sasitharan and Power, Eamonn and Ponce de Leon, Miguel and Botvich, Dmitri and Dudkowski, Dominique and Nunzi, Giorgio and Mingardi, Chiara (2008) A Framework for In-Network Management in Heterogeneous Future Communication Networks. In: Modelling Autonomic Communications Environments (MACE 2008), 22-26 September 2008, Samos Island, Greece.

Forsey, Laura (2008) Using Waterford Credit Union as an exemplar of the larger Irish credit unions, what is the capacity and propensity of Irish credit unions to develop their current business model? Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Fynes, Brian and Lally, Anne Marie (2008) Innovation in Services: From Service Concepts to Service Experiences. In: Service Science, Management and Engineering Education for the 21st Century. Springer, NJ, pp. 330-333. ISBN 13: 978-0-387-76577-8


Gibson, David J and Millar, Katherine and Delong, Michael and Connolly, John and Kirwan, Laura and Wood, Andrew J and Young, Bryan G (2008) The weed community affects yield and quality of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.). Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, 88 (3). pp. 371-381. ISSN 00225142

Graham Cagney, Anne and Coghlan, David (2008) Creating the learning space for insider inquiry: Threshold concepts in observing organisations. In: 16th International Symposium, Improving Student Learning through the Curriculum, September 2008, University of Durham.

Graham, Brian and Thomas, Ken (2008) MANAGING KNOWLEDGE WITHIN THE LEADING IRISH CONSTRUCTION ORGANISATIONS: CURRENT PRACTICES AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS. In: CIB W102 3rd International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Oct 17th - 18th, Stuttgart.

Graham Cagney, Anne and Potter, Jacequeline (2008) Threshold Concepts: Enabling Open Dialogue on Teaching and Learning within and across Traditional Boundaries? In: NAIRTL 2nd Annual Conference. Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Challenging Assumptions, 13-14 November 2008, Waterford Institute of Technology. (Submitted)

Griffin, Leigh and de Leastar, Eamonn (2008) A Model For IM and Media Driven Communication Services. In: 8th International IT&T, 23-24 Oct 2008, GMIT Galway.


Hansen, Cordula (2008) Art and Archaeology: The Function of the Artist in Interpreting Material Culture. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Hayden, Helen and Darbey, Neil (2008) Special Collections for beginners : A case study of Special Collections at Waterford Institute of Technology's library service. New Library World, 109 (5/6). pp. 258-273. ISSN 0307-4803

Hearne, Lucy (2008) An examination of the client's contribution to the design of longitudinal tracking systems in adult guidance practice. TUI Congress 2008 Journal. pp. 64-66.

Hegarty, Nora (2008) Going Greek: Introducing the Cephalonian Method at WIT Libraries. SCONUL Focus, 43. ISSN 1745-5782

Holland, Niamh (2008) An Investigation into the Role of Morphology on the Performance of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Hooker, K. V. and Coxon, C. E. and Hackett, R. and Kirwan, L. E. and O'Keeffe, E. and Richards, K.G. (2008) Evaluation of Cover Crop and Reduced Cultivation for Reducing Nitrate Leaching in Ireland. Journal of Environment Quality, 37 (1). p. 138. ISSN 1537-2537

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Kane, David (2008) Introduction to COIL. [Video] (Unpublished)

Kane, David (2008) Research Repositories: Promoting Research and Collaboration. In: Research Alliance Colloquium, Cork Institute of Technology.

Knauer, N and Doelecke, H and O'Leary, Paul (2008) Outdoor-Indoor Wireless Sensor Communications in a modern Building Management System. In: 4th Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks, July 2nd 2008, Nortel, Galway. (Unpublished)

Knauer, N and Doelecke, H and O'Leary, Paul (2008) Wireless Attenuation by Energy Efficient Windows in the 8-12.5 GHz region. In: One-day colloquium on Emerging Trends in Wireless Communications, 24th April 2008, Royal Irish Academy, Dublin.

Kirby, Mark and Galea, Martin and Loane, E. and Nolan, John M (2008) Foveal Anatomic Associations with the Secondary Peak and the Slope of the Macular Pigment Spatial Profile. Investigative Opthalmology & Visual Science, 50 (3). ISSN 1552-5783


Lambe, Barry and McEvoy, R and Connolly, C (2008) The determinants of lifestyle counselling among practice nurses in Ireland. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education, 46 (3). pp. 94-99. ISSN 14635240

Leppla, Gareth (2008) Mapping Requirements To AUTOSAR Software Components. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Loane, E. and Nolan, John M and Beatty, Stephen (2008) Transport and Retinal Capture of Lutein and Zeaxanthin with Reference to age-Related Macular Degeneration. Survey of Ophthalmology, 53 (1). ISSN 0039-6257

Lynch, Fiona (2008) A Human-Centred Framework for Eliciting Users' Embedded Knowledge Requirements during Information Systems Development. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Lynch, Patrick and Holden, Mary T. (2008) USERS AS CO-INVENTORS: A MODEL OF INVOLVING USERS IN THE EARLY STAGES OF NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT (RIKON Group). In: IAM Conference, September 2008, Dublin.

Lyng, Brendan (2008) The impact of Information Systems Development Education on Entrepreneurial Personality Traits and Cognitions. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.


Madigan, David (2008) Piezo Actuated Flexural Stage for Sub-Micron Precision Measurement. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Marron, Susan (2008) An Analysis of Break Time Active Play in Irish Primary Schools. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Matthews, Ms. Josephine and Kelliher, Dr. Felicity and T. Holden, Dr. Mary (2008) VIRTUAL LEARNING NETWORKS IN SMALL TOURISM BUSINESSES A THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK. In: Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland (2008), Tralee, Co. Kerry.

McDonald, Deirdre and Moloney, Colette (2008) 'Unifying the dispersed' The Irish music manuscripts of Henry Hudson 1798-1889. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

McEvoy, Eamon (2008) The Development and Application of Oil-in-Water Microemulsion Liquid and Electrokinetic Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

McGrath, Helen (2008) Developing a relational capability construct for SME network marketing using cases and evidence from Irish and Finnish SMEs. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Mulvany, Ian and Kane, David (2008) Adding Discovery to Scholarly Search: Enhancing Institutional Repositories with OpenID and Connotea. In: Third International Conference on Open Repositories 2008, 1st - 4th of April, Southampton, England.

Murphy, Richard and Walsh, Frank and Jackman, Brendan (2008) CAN to FlexRay Migration Framework. In: Advanced Automotive Electronics Show 2008, 23-Sept-2008, Williams F1 Conference Centre, UK. (Submitted)

Mícheál, Ó hÉigeartaigh (2008) Dr. Mícheál Ó hÉigeartaigh - Exact and Approximation Algorithms Lecture. [Video]


Neelam, K and Hogg, RE and Stevenson, MR and Johnston, E and Anderson, R and Beatty, Stephen and Chakravarthy, U (2008) Carotenoids and co-antioxidants in age-related maculopathy: design and methods. Ophthalmic Epidemiology, 15 (6). 389-401.. ISSN 1744-5086

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O'Brien, Terry (2008) Icons of Hip Hop: An Encyclopedia of the Movement, Music, and Culture (2 vols.) - A Review. Reference Reviews, 22 (5). pp. 47-49. ISSN 0950-4125

O'Brien, Terry (2008) The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Political Thought (3rd edition). Reference Reviews, 22 (4). pp. 17-19. ISSN 0950-4125

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Pillai, Suresh C. and Kelly, John M. and McCormack, Declan E. and Raghavendra, Ramesh (2008) High performance ZnO varistors prepared from nanocrystalline precursors for miniaturised electronic devices. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 18 (33). p. 3926. ISSN 0959-9428

Power, Gemma and Foley, Christopher and Balasubramaniam, Sasitharan and Botvich, Dmitri (2008) An Adaptive Middleware Applied to the Ad-hoc Nature of Cardiac Health Care. In: MIMES, July 21-25 2008, Trinity College Dublin.

Power, Jamie R and Milner, Brigid and Garavan, T (2008) Illuminating the Relationship Between Line Managers and HR Professionsals A Social Exchange Perspective. In: IAM Conference, September 3rd - 5th, Dublin.

Power, David (2008) TOWARD A MODEL FOR DEVELOPING AND SUSTAINING SUCCESSFUL RURAL ENTREPRENURIAL COMMUNITIES - RIKON Group. In: Irish Academy of Management Conference, Hosted in DCU, Dublin, September 2008, Dublin.


Quinlan, Tony (2008) A stakeholder approach to the branding of Urban Tourism Destinations. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.


Reinl, Leana (2008) An analysis of the learning relationships amongst micro-firm owner/managers and stakeholders in a small-firm learning network in the Irish tourism sector. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Reinl, Leana and Kelliher, Felicity (2008) An Analysis of the Learning Relationships Amongst Owner/Managers in a Micro-Firm Learning Network - The RIKON Group. In: IAM Conference, September 2008, Dublin.

Roche, Thomas (2008) The use of baited hair traps and genetic analysis to determine the presence of Pine marten. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Rohan, Patricia (2008) Understanding the Reality of the Work Undertaken by the Disability Officer in relation to Student Support in a Third Level Educational Institution in Ireland. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Ronan, John and Balasubramaniam, Sasitharan and Kiani, Adnan K and Yao, Wenbing (2008) On the use of SHIM6 for Mobility Support in IMS Networks. In: 2008 4th International Conference on Testbeds and Research Infrastructures for the Development of Networks & Communities, 17-20 March 2008, Innsbruck, Austria.

Ryan, Damien (2008) An examination into how Irish SMEs socialise non-Irish-national employees into their workforce. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.


Seyedi, Marian (2008) William Butler Yeats and Me. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Shaw, Robert and Jackman, Brendan (2008) An Introduction to FlexRay as an Industrial Network. In: 2008 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 30 June - 2 July 2008, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Sheehan, Cróna and Kirwan, Laura and Connolly, John and Bolger, Thomas (2008) The effects of earthworm functional diversity on microbial biomass and the microbial community level physiological profile of soils. European Journal of Soil Biology, 44 (1). pp. 65-70. ISSN 1164-5563

Sheridan, Louise (2008) Reconciling the past: Identity, Return and the Newfoundland Woman Migrant.

Shouldice, Colman (2008) Total automation of an industrial in-line quality measurement system. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Sinnott, Eileen (2008) An Exploration of Female Undergraduates' Attitudes Towards and Perceptions of Entrepreneurship. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Stapleton, Lisa (2008) Exploring the importance of Volunteerism in Irish Credit Unions. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Stringham, J.M and Hammond, BR and Nolan, John M and Wooten, BR and Mammen, A and Smollen, W (2008) The utility of using customized heterochromatic flicker photometry (cHFP) to measure macular pigment in patients with age-related macular degeneration. Experimental Eye Research, 87 (5). 445-53..


Thomas, Samantha and Fitzpatrick Simmons, Janice and Ennis, John and O'Duill, Greagoir S. (2008) A Sugar Journal: Poetry and Prose on the History of Sugar and Finding Sweetness. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.


Walsh, L. and Barry, M. (2008) A Multimedia Instruction to Enhance the Social Skills of the Young Learner with Autism. In: ALT-C 2008, 2008-01-01, Leeds, UK..

Walsh, Richard and Fitzgerald, Edmund J. (2008) Development of a biosorption column utilising seaweed based biosorbents for the removal of metals from industrial waste streams. PhD thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

Walsh, Leanne and Barry, M. (2008) Demystifying the Interface for Young Learners with Autism. In: IADIS International Conference IHCI 2008, part of MCCSIS 2008, July 22-27 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Walsh, Leanne and Barry, M. (2008) A Visual Narrative for Teaching Social Routines: Animations for Young Learners with Autism. In: Irish Human-Computer Interaction Conference 2008, 19-20 Sep 2008, University College Cork.


Yu, Guang Yao (2008) An IMS Learning Design Meta-Model for Learners with Autsim. Masters thesis, Waterford Institute of Technology.

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